Board of Directors

2018 RNG Tampa Bay Board of Directors

President: Michael Terry, Bankers Financial Services

Vice President: Wanda Ruiz-Johnson, Thompson & Company

Membership Chair: Robin Craig, Citi
Membership Co-Chair:

Social Chair: Laura Sehres, PSCU
Social Co-Chair: Shimon Bandhoo, Citi

Philanthropy Chair: Jennifer Catalano, Pinellas County
Philanthropy Co Chair: Allison Hirshey, CoAdvantage

Project Coordinator: Ivy Whitworth, Kavoker

Executive Sponsor: Betsy Irizarry, HR Contempo
Executive Sponsor: Daniel James Scott, Tampa Bay Tech


  • As the lead, will secure advice and feedback from the RNG Board and Executive Sponsors
  • Facilitate general or special meetings and the exchange of information
  • Responsible for arranging RNG meeting per fiscal quarter
  • Arranges and secures hosting site for RNG meetings
  • Negotiates and arranges guest presenters
  • Leads the RNG meetings and introduce guest speakers
  • Emails updates and general correspondence to RNG members
  • Oversight on RNG Membership along with Membership Chair
  • Coordinates with the Board to ensure that presenters and topics are aligned with the mission and education goals of the group
  • Represent the Network in meetings, gatherings or functions

Vice President

  • Responsible for arranging RNG meeting per fiscal quarter in event President unable
  • In conjunction with President, negotiates and arranges guest presenters
  • Works closely with the president and Board members to promote RNG and membership
  • Works closely with Membership chair regarding RNG Google Groups and RNG Linked IN membership

Social Chair

  • Responsible for arranging one member social event (happy hour, lunch, etc) per fiscal quarter
  • Negotiates with vendor for preferred space and rates in conjunction with social event
  • Works closely with Marketing Chair to promote event to RNG Membership


  • Maintains the membership list, updates the database and makes decisions on potential eligibility of a prospective new member
  • Responsible for coordinating and implementing membership drives
  • Received meeting RSVPs
  • Works with our Branding and design with our social media sites and campaigns


  • Creates and facilitates relationships with various groups to further the RNG charitable causes
  • Organizes at least one event per fiscal quarter for the RNG to sponsor or otherwise assist (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, etc.) and partners with Membership Director to promote Member’s attendance at said events
  • Aligns charitable causes with RNG’s Talent Management Mission as well as with key non-for profit organizations in the community

Project Coordinator

  • Organizes board meetings (determine date, location, and prepare agenda)
  • Records/transcribes meeting notes for all board meetings and submit minutes to the leadership for approval during meetings
  • Coordinates the arrival and presentation of catered food at meetings
  • Handles duplication of any handouts to be distributed at the general meeting
  • Follows up on action items established in the monthly or quarterly events to ensure effective and consistent delivery of those items
  • Works with Marketing/Social Chair on promoting the educational seminars/meetings to increase awareness and attendance
  • Assists with sign-in during general meetings